Bringing back to investors the original essence of emerging markets: growth and diversification

Emerise, Natixis AM’s division dedicated to emerging markets

Who we are :

Emerise is the global emerging expertise of Natixis Asset Management. Based in Singapore and Paris, the Emerise team manages a range of equity funds covering: global emerging, Asia ex-Japan, emerging European and Latin American markets.
Among the thousands of emerging companies, the majority are small and mid-cap stocks. Investing in these companies can provide authentic emerging market exposure to strong domestic growth prospects, with natural diversification benefits*.
To capture this, Emerise believes in fundamental stock picking, selection based on our convictions, long-term ownership, and maintaining portfolio discipline over time. This investment philosophy delivers concentrated portfolios, favoring earnings growth and small-and-mid capitalizations.
Emerise is totaling more than $771 million of assets under management.**.


Where we operate :

The vibrant emerging market universe is our territory. Comprising a few thousand companies, the vast majority are small and mid-cap stocks with strong domestic growth prospects, offering tremendous natural diversification benefits to our portfolios. This is what we believe authentic emerging market exposure is all about.


How we do it :

As fundamental stock pickers, we look for distinctive business models with high growth potential for long-term ownership. Stock selection in such a comprehensive and ever-changing universe, eschewing classical global cyclical mega-caps, requires knowledge and discipline. In fact, it requires the combination of the judgment of our research focused team, the guidance of our decision making tools and the discipline of our portfolio construction process. Such is our recipe for success in Emerging markets.

* In return for some risk-taking

** €653 million. Source : Natixis Asset Management, as of 30/06/2017.


We believe that the greater the knowledge and discipline applied, then the stricter the selectivity and the longer the horizon, and ultimately the better the outcome


Stéphane Mauppin-Higashino

Investment philosophy

Ultimately, superior returns come down to identifying growth, and achieving the right mix of judgment and rules

At Emerise, we believe there is no substitute for on-the-ground research with first-hand company assessment. It is our conviction that, ultimately, superior investment returns are provided by companies delivering sustainable profit growth, through a clear competitive edge with economic underpinnings. The selectivity and discipline of our unbiased portfolio construction reflect our focus on a pure long-term bottom-up approach, while magnifying the selection impact. We also believe in the complementary nature of informed judgment to uncover investment ideas and rules to discipline behavioral biases. Thus, we apply strict buy and sell disciplines across our portfolios.

Our expertises

Core... with a difference

Our range of strategies covers all emerging geographies and provides investors with a core exposure, yet with a distinctive difference: our conviction that small-and-mid-cap and growing companies ultimately provide superior returns. They also represent the true emerging corporate world. Our decision to opt for all-cap reference indices is also proof of our preference for comprehensive and unbiased investment universes. Lastly, our range demonstrates our preference for the self-adaptive, inclusive and universal concept of emergence over shorter-lived sub-theme approaches.

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Global reach, local understanding

Dedicated and selective

Based in Singapore and Paris, we are a dedicated investment team striving to uncover a limited number of Emerging Markets new stars for long-term ownership. Besides passion and experience, all it takes is more than a thousand company visits per year, thorough analysis of a few hundred, and deep engagement and constant monitoring of a few dozen.